As the COVID-19 pandemic in BC has been easing, Koinonia will begin to resume in-person worship services in stages. This is not simply a time to resume our ministries and services, it is also an opportunity to develop our ministries further.  

Regarding our English service, after a few years of observation, and considering the spiritual needs of our current attendees, English in-person service will be hosted at a new time at 6:45pm starting April 16 (Saturday). We believe Saturday evening is a suitable time for the continual development of the English ministry. OIKOS small groups for youth and young adults will also take place immediately after service. We are excited to see how this ministry will continue to grow in this next chapter! 

As for our English online worship, it will come to an end on April 9, the week before our in-person English worship.

Regarding our Cantonese service, it  will resume at 10:45 am starting on March 19. Additionally, on April 2, a 9:15am Cantonese service will be launched. On the same day, Karpos Children's Worship and Grade 6-7 Worship will also be fully re-opened.

As we are preparing for the reopening, Koinonia is undoubtedly taking another step into the unknown. Yet we are convinced that the Lord will continue to lead us into another season of serving and ministry. The Pastoral Team encourages brothers and sisters to prepare yourselves for the reopening in the following ways:  

  • Prepare in advance about your family schedule on Saturday - about which worship service you will be attending, to prepare transportation for youth to attend English Service and OIKOS, and to prepare children to attend Karpos Children’s Worship.
  • Register your child for Karpos and Grade 6-7 Worship.
  • Join a ministry team on Saturday morning or evening, as the church is looking for servants to support and participate in the ministry.
  • Share our update with friends and family. Invite them to worship and get to know Jesus at Koinonia.
  • Pray for reopening and other new developments at Koinonia. Pray for physical and spiritual strength among the staff team and servants in different ministry teams. Pray also for your own participation and commitment at the church.

We pray that as we continue in this journey, we, as a church, will grow in understanding of God’s leading and His Will; may we also grow in unity, and in faith that He will continue to do great things in His church.
Looking forward to seeing you and worshiping together on Saturday, April 16!