Urgent: Temporary Suspension of In-Person Worship Services


With the emergence of the Omicron variant and the dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases, the provincial government has tightened the health restrictions. In order to comply with the new requirements, and our safety concern for the congregation, the pastoral team has made the following adjustments for our worship services:

  1. Cantonese Service (in-person) will be temporarily discontinued. Cantonese online service will be premiered every Saturday at 10:45 am. The Chat Room will be ready by 10:15 am and intercessory prayer will be available right after the service.
  2. English Service (in-person) reopening will be postponed. English online service will be premiered every Saturday at 9:15 am.
  3. Children's and youth worship (in-person) will not be resumed in January, and will return to online starting February 2022.

For the pastoral team at Koinonia, this is not an easy decision. We believe that it is also difficult for many brothers and sisters, including children.  In order to protect everyone's health and the overloading hospital system, we are convinced that this is a responsible decision that must be made. During this period, we urge all parents to help their children understand. Please also continue to pray for the sick, the healthcare professionals, the pastoral team and the Koinonia congregation. May His protection and comfort be with you all.

Preparation for Serving 

As we are back to online service, there might still be a while before the church reopening. Nevertheless, in order to carry on the weekly online service and to prepare for the reopening, we encourage brothers and sisters to register for serving (either online or in-person).
If you are eager to grow with Koinonia, to serve the Lord and become a blessing to others, we sincerely invite you to be a member of our ministry teams. 

After registrations are received, KEC pastors and ministry leaders will contact the team members and provide more details about serving in different teams. 

Church Reopening Servant Application