A New Chapter in a New Setting


As B.C. enters Phase 3 of COVID-19 restart plan, KEC will also resume in-person worship by early October. After many months of worshiping online, we are truly looking forward to worship together in person! 

Reopening also marks a new chapter for Koinonia, as our weekly worship will take place at a new time and location. We will move from Richmond Secondary School to Fraserview MB Church (11295 Mellis Dr, Richmond, B.C.). Our weekly worship services (including English Service, Cantonese Service, Youth Service and Karpos Children’s Worship) will also be moved to Saturday morning. (English Service, Youth Worship and Karpos will restart progressively in 2022)

For Koinonia, all these changes have undoubtedly brought us new challenges. But we are convinced that this is also a season of new opportunities. As we move into a different neighborhood, we pray that new bridges will be built and more people will be blessed by the Good News.

Reopening Timeline


JUN            Vision Sharing with the congregation

JUL             Servant Recruitment

SEP             New Online Service Time (Sat AM)  

Mid-SEP     Servant Training / Venue Preparation / Service Rehearsal

OCT            Cantonese Service resume (Sat AM)


JAN             English Service, Youth Worship & Karpos Children’s Worship will progressively resume (Sat AM)  

**During the transition, online services (Cantonese, English, Youth, and Children) will continue until December, for brothers and sisters who cannot participate in-person.


Restarting Ministry Teams  

In order to prepare for the reopening, we invite brothers and sisters to get involved and serve at different ministry teams. In light of the new setting, please note that all KEC ministry teams have gone through different degrees of reorganization. As a result, re-registration will be required for serving in any of the seven ministry teams after reopening.

If you are eager to grow with Koinonia, to serve the Lord and become a blessing to others, we sincerely invite you to be a member of our ministry teams. After registrations are received, KEC pastors and ministry leaders will contact the team members and provide more details about serving in different teams.



Church Reopening Servant Application