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Real Friends (Week 2)

Hi Youths,

Last Saturday we learned that real friends show love instead of preference.

To help us understand that point better, we split into groups with people who we don't always talk to or know to build the tallest and strongest paper towers. In your group, you might have noticed that it was not easy building a tower with someone who you don't really know or have talked to before. But, every group did a great job in building their paper towers and we as leaders appreciate how you showed love to different people in your group by listening to one another's ideas and working together to build your towers! 

To practice showing love instead of preference, this week, try hanging out with someone who is different from you or talk to someone who you don't normally talk to!
Also, here are the answers to the worksheet you've completed during message time:

  1. The Greek word for love is agape.
  2. Agape is giving people what they need the most, even when they deserve it the least.
  3. Stop picking and choosing who gets your love.