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Self care is a popular topic nowadays and many people believe that the practice of self care is of utmost importance if you want to be successful. In this series, we will explore the meaning of self care through the lens of the gospel.  

When we think of self-care, we usually only think of taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. Most of the time our focus is on making sure we feel good about ourselves. This series will help the youth to see:

Week 1: All physical acts of self care are good but belong in a proper place: under the gospel.  

Week 2: There’s a difference between self-care and only caring about yourself.

Week 3: Self-care is more than feeling good for a moment, it’s pursuing what’s best for the longest.

Week 4: The best way to self-care is to put ourselves in the care of Jesus.

What if God doesn’t just care about your soul? What if the God who created your body cares about you? When we see through the lens of the gospel, we will see how our relationship with Jesus impacts our understanding and experience of self-care. Pursuing Jesus leaves us with the greatest pleasure that lasts forever. 

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