Psalm 1

We have yet to gain the proper attitude towards God’s Words.
We made excuses for ourselves, believing we can always push it for another day; believing there are always more important things to do over reading God’s words.

The harsh reality is this is what the devil wants us to believe.
The devil wants us to lie to ourselves. using every means possible to keep us separated and away from God.
He wants us to believe we can legitimize our laziness.
He wants us to go about everyday believing we are capable to facing whatever comes our way... until we crash and burn and fall into circumstances beyond what we can handle.

Psalm 1 proclaims the truth that following the wisdom of God is the best and wisest way to live.
Psalm 1 stresses the importance of ordering one's life according to God's Word.

Psalm 1 presents us the progression of holiness, or the downward spiral of the wicked. Blessed is one who refuse to be influenced by the ungodly.
Blessed is one who rejects fellowship with sinners.
Blessed is one who forbids the attitudes and behaviours of the unrighteous.

The blessed one finds delight in the word of God.
The blessed one
meditates on the word of God, consistently, continuously. The blessed one recognizes the word of God is the source of life,
because the God’s Word: nurtures, shapes, and blesses.


Steep in the word of God

Flourish with fruit of blessings