Psalms 139

Our life is not two dots on a map with a path in the middle.
Death is not an end point.
Death is merely a comma into God’s eternity.
Neither is birth the starting point.

Psalm 139,
This psalm vividly illustrates the intricacy and the meticulousness God puts in to us.
This psalm reveals to us how God, our creator, sees us.
This psalm unfolds to us the heart of the Father.

  • God’s absolute knowledge of me (vv.1-6)
  • God’s intricate formation of me (vv.13-16)
  • God’s complete presence with me (vv.7-12)

Our God not only formed us with loving care, but he also knows us well.
Our God not only knows us elaborately , but he is also present with us.
He chose to be with us, willingly journey life with us through all the messiness of life — the beauty and the ugliness of life.
He is patiently waiting, quietly and gently nudging us back to his loving

Before I know him, my Creator has known me and loves me.