The resurrection of Jesus defined and gave birth to Christianity. Even though we are not eye-witnesses to the resurrection that took place over 2000 years ago, the resurrection is believable. It is also relevant to us. 

We believe that a car accident took place today even if we do not see the accident. We believe it happened because of the eye-witness accounts, as well as the impact of that accident (e.g. a portion of road is closed after the accident). 

Similarly, we can believe that the resurrection took place for two reasons:

  • The existence of eye-witness accounts.

Peter, the first apostle called by Jesus, provided his eye-witness account of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Peter is the source of information for the gospel of Mark.

  • The impact of the resurrection is seen in the transformation of the eye-witnesses.

Peter denied Jesus for fear of suffering with him. Despite Jesus’s prediction of his death and resurrection three times, Peter did not expect a resurrection. However, Peter was transformed after he encountered the resurrected Jesus, his fear was turned into power to witness for Christ. Peter became a witness to Jesus’s resurrection even to the point of death.

The resurrection of Jesus is relevant to us today.

As an eye witness to the resurrection of Jesus, Peter encouraged future followers of Jesus that it is worthy to believe in Jesus, even if you do not see Jesus (1 Peter 1:8-9). We were similar to Peter before he encountered the resurrected Jesus, we have the words of God, but we have our fears and doubts that crippled us from living the purposeful life that God intended for us. The resurrected Jesus empowered Peter and gave him a purpose. Jesus called Peter to be a witness to his resurrection. Today, Jesus also called us to be witness to his resurrection.

Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection, and things turned out exactly as Jesus had predicted. Jesus also promised that all who believe in him will live, even though they die. One day we will also rise from the dead like Jesus. Will you believe it? Are you willing to place your faith on Jesus who came, and died, and rose from the dead so that you can be forgiven and have eternal life?