As Christians living in North America, we can go to church freely, willingly, openly, safely. In all honesty, it is quite comfortable and easy for us to worship God. Church is easily accessible, always welcoming, kind and loving.

But here lies the irony!

Our freedom allow us to freely and openly come to church to worship God. But in turn it has robbed us the realization of the weightiness of our worship. Our worship of God comes too easily...
...and we could as easily lose it because it doesn’t cost us.

How much is your worship of God worth to you?

Would you still follow God if it means losing half your friends?

Would you still follow God if it means being laugh at or hated for, or losing certain privileges and rights, or putting your life and your family in danger?

Would you still follow God if it means possible death?

In the Bible there is a story of an exiled Jew named Daniel.

Through Daniel’s uninterrupted disciplined worship, God showed his power and rescue Daniel out from a devious trap.

From Daniel’s story of the lions’ den, we realized Daniel’s worship demonstrates both discipline and priority.

Discipline is developed over time before trials and temptations put it to the test. Priority is your willingness to determine the importance of God in your life.


Therefore, choosing to prioritize worship is the reflection of our willingness in following Christ.

When we too worship God with the same attitude, with discipline, giving God our highest uncompromised priority, we too might see God work through us, and give it that little extra in our ordinary life.

Let your worship be a simple overflowing of your attitude towards God.