1 Chronicles 29

Our Biggest Problem in Worship 

  • How often do we come to worship fully prepared?
  • How often do we come to worship with expectation?
  • The biggest problem in church worship today: we come to worship as though God is not here.
  • How can we come to worship with a prepared and expected heart?

King David’s Last Act of Worship

  • As the king enter his last chapter of life, he had only one final wish: to build a house for God  - a temple
  • From Chapter 22 to 28, we can see the complexity of this building project.
  • It involved the preparation of building materials.
  • It also involved finding the right people for different roles.
  • At 1 Ch 29:10-22, David led the people to worship God.
  • At the beginning of David's prayer, he started with a doxology.
  • After a series of praises, David continued to worship God with thanksgiving.
  • And then David recalled about the voluntary donations for the temple building.
  • From the prayer, we do not find any boasting about how much the King had accomplished.
  • At his last act of worship, David demonstrated what it means to worship with gratitude. 

Worship is about remembering what God has done 
and expressing our gratitude to God in tangible ways.