Luke 7:36-50

We have all sinned, or done something bad.
But have you ever made a mistake that led to consequences too heavy to bear, and you wish you can turn the clock back?

Sometimes those mistakes would cause such a ripple we must keep it a secret. We are left to bear the weight of the burden alone.

In Luke 7:36-50 recorded a story of a sinner, and her journey of repentance, confession, acceptance, and liberation.

A woman, a sinner, demonstrated through her action the pain and weight of her sin.
She spoke no words; because there are no words to defend her past; no words to express her shame; she only seeks mercy.

She brought an alabaster flask of ointment, met Jesus where he was, using her own hair, anointed Jesus’ feet with the ointment.
However, even when those around question her actions, Jesus pronounce her forgiveness, simply because of the faith she held onto inside.

When she thought she was at the end of the road,
When the only gesture that is left for her to show her aching heart is to anoint Jesus’ feet with an alabaster flask of ointment,
When all she is bold enough to seek is mercy,
When the only glimpse of hope is the faith she has in Jesus,
In the God she knows who’s love is everlasting
Acceptance comes in the form of forgiveness.
Forgiveness comes because of a faith,
A faith without reservations
A faith without conditions
A faith without self-ambitions.

Struggling with sexual sin is indeed what many people are secretly experiencing today.

Regardless of age, or gender, or profession, or social status, or stage of life, we are all equally in a position to be tempted with sexual sins.

Maybe some of us are like this sinner.
You have been haunted by the guilt of your past actions, like a shadow that silently yet relentlessly follows you.
You seek relief yet the inability of undoing what you have set in motion is decapitating.
You try your best to live life at its normalcy but the secret you keep inside is like an infested parasite, slowly eating you away.
You are forced to mask yourself in front of those who loves and cares for you, because you do not want to disappoint them.
Gradually you create a false façade of the person who you think others wants you to be.
You’ve adopted the life of an actor, but the person you see in the mirror seems unrecognizable, even after removing all the cosmetics.
You are disgusted because you have become one of the people Jesus appalled — a hypocrite, a whitewashed tomb, a perfumed corpse, a Christian zombie.

At the end of the road
is the prelude of God’s merciful acceptance

God’s desire is never to condemn us when we fail and sin.
God’s heart is always for us to turn away from our wicked way and run back towards him.
There are no sin too big that God will not forgive.
There are no sin too dark that the light of God cannot shine.
There are no sin too vast that the blood of Christ would not cover.
No matter how sinful we think we are,
No matter how unworthy we believe we are,
We can still always come before God to seek mercy and forgiveness, all because of the blood of Jesus Christ.