2 Samuel 11, 2 Timothy 2:22

Distorting God’s Design

  • In God's original design, sex is good. All sexual relationships established according to God's design are pleasing to Him.
  • But when sin entered the world, the relationship between man and God destroyed.
  • Sin also distorted human nature, including sexulaity. 
  • How do we deal with the distortions of human nature, and sexual temptations?

David and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11) 

  • When David saw Bathsheba bathing,he should have just ignored and left. But he did not.
  • David could have ended the temptation by leaving the scene at that moment - and nothing more would happen.
  • Instead, David put himself into a more tempting situation, by sending someone and inquiring about who she was.
  • When David realized that Bathsheba was married, with Uziah, he could have stopped, but he did not. He sent people to take her to the palace.  
  • When David realized that Bathsheba was pregnant, he should have stopped, but he didn’t. Instead he started his series of covering up.
  • By ignoring the warning signs repeatedly, and try everything to cover up his mistake, David was playing with fire.
  • At each juncture, David could have turned. God gave him warnings. Only that he ignored them and kept going.
  • David allowed himself dwelling in the temptation environment

Strategy in Overcoming Temptations (2 Timothy 2:22)

  • To RUN AWAY from sinful desires
  • To RUN AFTER what is right
  • Never to RUN ALONE