Luke 4:1-13

We are facing a spiritual battle where Satan constantly tries to deceive us into believing that we can lead a life of meaning and satisfaction apart from God. This spiritual battle is intense, yet subtle, many lose by believing in Satan’s lie and embarking on a life that is independent of God. The Bible protects us from Satan’s deception. 

Luke 4:1-4 Satan tempts Jesus to relieve his hunger by turning stone into bread. Satan also tempts us to look elsewhere than God for our needs, for example dating non-Christians. Jesus uses the word of God to indicate his trust in God for sustenance. Jesus’ knowledge of the Bible and the God behind the Bible protects him from taking matters into his own ends. 

Luke 4:5-8 Satan tempts Jesus to change his allegiance from God to Satan in order to receive all the kingdoms of the world. God promises all authorities in heaven and on earth to Jesus through the way of the cross, not around the cross. Satan also lies to us that happiness and security can be found apart from God. Jesus recognizes what Satan promises is a shabby substitute and he uses the word of God to proclaim his commitment to God alone. 

Luke 4:9-13 Satan changes his strategy by quoting Psalm 91 to tempt Jesus to test whether God can be trusted. Jesus reads Psalm 91 in its broader context to undercut Satan’s readings, Psalm 91 offers the presence of God in the midst of trials, not a protection from every trial. Jesus uses the word of God to declare his unwavering trust in God.   

We can train ourselves to use the word of God to expose Satan’s lies. First, we should develop a habit of regular Bible reading to get familiarized with the truth that the Bible is telling us. Second, we need to read the Bible in its context, both its literal and historical context. From our reading of the Bible, we have the basis to develop our trust in God. We will know that God’s intentions towards us are good and he plans to prosper us. This will protect us from Satan’s lies.