Mark 2:1–5, 4:37-41, 5:21–43, Luke 10:25-37


  • One of the many things that causes us to say “give me a break” is interruptions.
  • When we experience interruptions, we experience frustrations.
  • How do we get a break from these things?  

If we look at Jesus’ life, He lived a very busy life but He seemed to thrive on interruptions.

  • Jesus healed a paralytic when His teaching was interrupted (Mark 2:1–5). Jesus turned an interruption into an invitation to do the good work of the Father.
  • A great storm arose and the disciples got scared and Jesus’ sleep was interrupted. Jesus calmed the wind and the sea. Jesus again turned an interruption into an invitation to strengthen His disciples’ faith, Including our faith. (Mark 4:37-41).
  • Jesus was interrupted so frequently that even His interruptions were interrupted. Jesus’ trip to heal the daughter of a ruler of the synagogue was interrupted when a woman with a discharge of blood for twelve years touched His garment. Her faith had healed her. Jesus was interrupted again when he was told that the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue had died. Jesus went anyway and healed the little girl. (Mark 5:21–43)
  • Jesus further illustrates this very important point with the Parable of the Good Samaritan when He was interrupted yet again by a lawyer. (Luke 10:25-37)

Jesus uses all these interruptions as opportunities to do God’s mighty work.

  • We can learn to see interruptions as invitations to do God’s will as well.
  • Not only that, we can learn to turn interruptions as our invitation for God to change us

Allow for interruptions by…

  • Creating margin, intentionally leave space in our schedule for God to intervene
  • Change our perspective, an interruption may be God’s invitation or even His intervention