Joshua 2, 6:22-25

In the city of Jericho lived a prostitute named Rahab, who through one coincidental encounter with two Israeli spies, completely transformed her life, even became part of the most important family in all of human history.

The story of Rahab and the two spies seems like a simple story at first. But when we spend time to humanize her encounter, we come to realize it is nothing short of extraordinary.

Firstly, it is completely contradictory to normal behaviour for Rahab to hide the 2 complete strangers in her house and go to the extent of lying to the authorities to protect them!

Why would Rahab knowing put her own life on the line for these strangers, even the lives of her family? It all hinges on Rahab’s understanding of who the Israelites are, and who their god is.

From all the stories and tales passed among all the neighbouring nations about how the God of Israel demonstrated his power through separating the water at the Red Sea, and defeating King Sihon of Amorites and King Og of Bashan, Rahab understands Israel’s God is the greatest god amongst all the nations. Nevertheless, she is taking a great risk in trusting this god who she has never met but only heard stories about. Yet, she chose to put her faith and reliance on this God, knowing it outweighs all other possible options. As such, she puts this faith into action and chose to save the spies from the guards.

Rahab’s faith speaks volume to our lives as we compare how little action we take in response to our faith in God.

Faith demands actions
— it is the only proof of what you claim you believe in

As the church strives towards reopening in January, will you take a bigger step in faith, be challenged to respond in action as a demonstration of the love you claim you have towards God.