Joshua 3-6


When God led Joshua and the Israelites to go across the Jordan river, He did it through a special group of people - the priests.  He could have done it through Joshua, or he could have done it Himself - without working through any particular person.  But He chose to work through the priests.

Similarly, God also defeated Jericho through the marching of His people and the priests.  

In these two miracles, God chose to work through His special servants - the priests; and He called them to do strangely simple things - standing in the water, marching around the walls.  No sacrifice, no prayers, no dramatic rituals.

And the result was nothing less than supernatural.

Today, as the church is going across our “Jordan River”, marching to our “Jericho”, God also calls to Himself a special group of servants, doing simple things that bring supernatural results.

Special - all of our servants are in an honorable position to serve the living God, we are all priests in our own roles, carrying the presence of God.

Simple - all of our tasks are indeed simple - moving chairs, setting up the stage, connecting equipment, teaching young children.

Supernatural - lives gets transformed, people experience God’s presence.

As we look ahead to reopening, we encourage you to serve in this special position to do simple things, through which God brings supernatural results.  You can find our sign up form on our website.



Yours Is The Kingdom 
Words & Music by Joel Houston 

There Is A King 
Words & Music by Brandon Lake, Steven Furtick, Tiffany Hammer 

God I Look to You 
Words & Music by Jenn Johnson

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) 
Words & Music by Ed Cash, Scott Cash, & Chris Tomlin

See a Victory 
Words & Music by Ben Fielding, Chris Brown, Jason Ingram, Steven Furtick