Revelations 2:1-7, 1 Corinthians 13:1-8,13


Amazing Love (And Can It Be)
Words by Charles Wesley; Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship


The city of Ephesus is located on the west coast of Asia.
It is a busy seaport and a major financial center as well.
Because of that, the city attracts a lot of people, hence, there are a lot of different religions and nationalities.
It was in that environment where Paul planted a church along with Priscilla and Aquila.
The church was at the forefront of the Gospel mission, and the members of the church were active.

Towards a church that was active, Jesus had something to say to them.
He first praised them for what they have done well.
They did well in their works, they endured well with patience, and they did not grow weary.
Even though they have done well, Jesus still has something that He wants them to know.
He tells them that they have forgotten their first love.
Yet why is first love so important that Jesus would hold it against them?

Paul helps to remind us that love is important.
Paul tells us that even if we have skills, even if we have the knowledge, even if we have done deeds, if all these are done without love, it is all for nothing.
We can be doing a lot of things, but if there is no love then it is pointless.
The issue with the Ephesian church is that they do a lot, yet they lack the love as their motivator.
The love for Jesus should be the motivation for their actions, yet they have lost that.
Hence, Jesus reminds them that they have abandoned their love.

Even though Jesus said that He will remove them if they do not repent, He told them what they can do.
He told them to remember, to repent, and to do what they used to do.
Jesus encouraged them to remember where they have fallen from.
He asked them to repent and to turn away from their current path.
And finally He asked them to resume what they used to do.

That is also what we can do if we have forgotten the feelings of our first love towards Jesus.
We can remember by recalling what we used to do at the start.
Recall if there was a time when we would do things differently.
Remember those times when you would take time out for Christ.
Repent about how we have deviated from our first love.
Think of how we used to be close but now we are far.
Finally, we resume what we used to do.
If we used to do a certain thing when we first love, go back and do it once more.

At the end, Jesus has a promise.
He is waiting for you.
Just as the groom awaits the bride at the front of the altar.



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