Luke 8:22-39, Mark 5:13, Revelations 3:20


Who Am I
Words & Music by Carson [email protected] Worship


Through the stories of Greek mythology, there is a prevalent worldview that affects our generation.
We see in the stories how power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And that worldview carried over to how we see God.
We wonder if God would be like those stories where the gods are harsh, forceful, and demanding.
One way that we can know more about God is through the life of Jesus.
We turn to an event during Jesus' ministry to learn more.

Jesus shows us that God is powerful.
When He calmed the storm with a rebuke, He showed us that God has power over natural elements.
When He gave permission to the demons, He showed us that God has authority over the unnatural.
Yet when Jesus was faced with people who reject Him, Jesus yielded.

Jesus yielded to their rejection.
Jesus respected their decision.
But Jesus did not give up on them.
He cares for them and sends the man that was saved back into the village.

Sometimes we are just like the villagers.
We reject Jesus, and do not allow Him to enter into our lives to fix us.
We are afraid that the cost of fixing is too high.
But God cares for us and He yields to us.
We might think that God is harsh or demanding, but actually He is caring and yields.


Who Am I
Words & Music by Carson Li @KEC Worship

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