Jeremiah 1


Fight by Faith
Words & Music by Carson [email protected] Worship


In the book of Jeremiah, we could see people who were full of weakness, sin, and darkness in their lives.

Even though they were rebellious, heart-hardened, God still called them to repent and return.

God promised His people that He would once again rebuild, replant, and restore them.

"Behold! I put my words in your mouth. Today I stand you above the nations and nations, to uproot, demolish, destroy, overthrow, and build and plant."  Jeremiah 1:10

But unfortunately, when God called Jeremiah to be His prophet and to bring such a hopeful message to His people, he surprisingly refused.

He rejected the idea of becoming God’s prophet. He was scared and panicked, because he knew that being God’s prophet in such a spiritual turmoil would not be easy. On the contrary, it will be a very difficult and dangerous mission. As he said, he did not know how to speak. He was only a youth. It must be a mistake of calling him to be a prophet, for he did not think he was qualified for the job.

He only considered his abilities. He put all of his focus on his limitations and constraints. As a result, He refused God’s call for he did not believe that God’s calling was a justifiable decision.

Whether the decision was justifiable, it does not depend on one's qualification. It is a decision under God’s sovereignty.  

When God calls a person in His service, it is His decision. And His calling always comes with His promises.

When God calls a person, He also promises that He will be with that person. He will provide all the needs, all the guidance and protection. Like what God promised Jeremiah, God would lead him to where He wanted him to go. He would give him the words to say. He would even save him from dangers. So, if Jeremiah truly believed that God is bigger than anything, there was indeed no reason for him to refuse God’s calling. He did not need to be panic.

And what God needs from the person being called is obedience and submission.

Did God ever call you in His service?
How did you respond when you received His call? Did you refuse? Why?
If God promises you that He will provide for your needs and save you from danger, will you boldly respond to God's calling?
What does God call you to do today?


God of the Promise
Words & Music by Aaron Robertson, Chris Brown & Steven Furtick

Only God
Words & Music by Brandon Grissom / Marshall Hall / Matt Lundgren

Fight by Faith
Words & Music by Carson [email protected] Worship

Words & Music by Steven Furtick, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram, Chris Brown and Matt Redman