2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51


As Far as the Ends of the World 
Words & Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship


Do you echo with David’s story?

  • Have you ever made irrational decisions knowing it is wrong?
  • Have your mind wandered into places that you know don't please the Lord?
  • Have you looked at someone or something that tempts you to sin, and continued to look?
  • Have you ignored the voices of God that remind you to return?
  • Have you tried to cover up your wrongdoings, only to pile on lie after lie?

Do you feel guilty for your wrongdoings and your track record?
Do you think that you are too far from God?

Encourage you to claim the promise from Psalm 51, the prayer that David wrote after he sinned.
“A broken and contrite heart [God] will not despise.”

The Father desires our repentance.
The Father does not despise our contrite hearts.
The Father welcomes with open arms the sons and daughters that return to Him.
The Father longs for our return.

The Father is calling us: Turn around and come home.

Turn around:

  • Confess your sins
  • Make a decision to turn around

Come home:

  • Walk to God every day, draw near to Him
  • Continue to draw near and return to Him when you fall, don’t look back. Use Psalm 51 to lead your heart to God after falling.
  • Find a spiritual sibling to journey with you, support one another and be accountable to you.



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