1 Samuel 25


As Far as the Ends of the World 
Words & Music by Carson [email protected] Worship



David is said to be a man after God’s own heart.

On the surface, there seems to be nothing about David that would have impressed God.

He is guilty of adultery, stealing, lying, deceiving and murder and these are hardly the kind of lifestyle described as a man after God’s own heart.

The good news is: if David can be a man after God’s own heart despite his many failures, so can we.

1 Samuel 25

David and his men had done some good works in the wilderness and found ways to protect Nabal’s shepherds from danger. So David sent his young men to Nabal and asked for his favour and donations during the sheep-shearing time. Nabal did not only refuse the request, but also insulted David and his family publicly, and questioned David’s integrity.

David was enraged with anger and immediately ordered 400 armed soldiers to prepare for a mass murder mission. By God’s marvelous grace, God uses Abigail to bring peace to the situation.

Learning from Abigail

Be God’s instrument of peace. 

If God can use an armless woman, Abigail to counter the 400 armed soldiers and save David and many people’s lives, He will be able to use us to become God’s instrument of peace. 

Learning from David

Set your heart to obey 

When God intervenes, David stands down.

David sets his heart to obey the way of the Lord.

David and his people are armed and are ready to kill. David looks at Abigail whom he has never met before, and unexpectedly, he stops and listens to her. David knows this woman is sent by God to save. He obeys the voice of the Lord through Abigail and turns around and changes his entire course of action.

Learning from God

He genuinely cares and looks after us. 

He does send angels to help and protect us.

When we do what is right, God will take care of the impossible things.


When God intervenes, are we willing to surrender to the way of the Lord?

Is our heart set to obey?



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