Matthew 25:31-46

When we have heard so much about the mindset, the concept of giving, what are we going to do about it?
Are we going to just talk about it and wait for someone else to do it?
Or are we going to take action and seize the opportunity?

Before He left, Jesus told His disciples what will be happening when He returns.
He cautions them to be faithful and to be ready for His return.

When Jesus returns, there would be judgment, and there would be rewards and consequences.
He would separate the sheep and the goats.
Based on the actions and responses of the people that follow Him.
And if we do not put actions to our beliefs, there will be consequences.
The consequence is eternal punishment.

Let us go from No Action Talk Only, to Now Action Take Opportunity.
Look at Matthew 25:35-36.
Use that as our call to action to care for those who are around us.
Let us feed them, clothe them, welcome them, visit them. 

Music Credit

Jesus Messiah
Words and music by Chris Tomlin

Mighty To Save
Words and music by Ben Fielding & Reuben Morgan

Your Will Be Done
Words and music by CityAlight; Extension by Carson Li and Milton Ho

Words and Music by Steven Furtick, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram, Chris Brown and Matt Redman