Psalm 84:1-12

Worship in the Old Testament was seasonal, not weekly. Public worship took place at the temple in Jerusalem. For most of the Israelites, they lived far away from the temple and they had to travel a long way every year for the three pilgrimage festivals of the Lord and worship.

Psalms, as hymns and travel songs, were sung by these worshipers. While the travelers might feel distracted by the many things, these psalms would prepare the pilgrims as they walked up the road toward Mount Zion.

As believers, we are on a spiritual pilgrimage with the Lord. If our soul, the carrier of the breath of life, get distracted by our own wants and needs, maybe we should take a moment and use Psalm 84 as the tuning fork to retune our souls, the carriers of the breath of life, and re-engage back to the Living God just as our spiritual fathers of Israel did a long time ago.