Psalm 103

Our souls are just like muscles that we have to work out to be in good condition.

King David in Psalm 103 tells us to remember and not forget God and all His benefits as a way to exercise our souls.

There are three things that we should remember God for:

  1. Not Forget What God Has Done For You.

  2. Not Forget God's Character.

  3. Not Forget God's Love For You.

Our souls are just like muscles, the more we train our souls the better we face trials.


Psalm 103.

Use Psalm 103 as a beginner's guide to remembering God and his benefits.

  • First step to note down the different characteristics of God.

- On each page, add one positive a day.
- Soon there will be more and more reasons to remember God.

  • The Second step is to share.

- Use the notebook as a reference to share with others.
- And through that, the more we share, the more we remember.
- And it becomes easier to remember God's benefits in times of trials.
- That trains our souls.