Matthew 21:28-32

Have we ever say yes to God, but then forgets about it and disobeys Him?

Or, have we ever say no to God, but then change our minds and obey Him eventually?

Jesus spoke of the parable of the two sons to the Pharisees. A father asks his two sons to go to work in the vineyard, and the first son says no, but eventually changes his mind and does it. The second son, however, says yes, but does not do it.

The question of Jesus is: "Which of the two did the will of his father?"

The second son referred to the Pharisees. Jesus was saying to them that they heard of the gospel from John the Baptist, but did not believe it. Even when they saw Jesus in person, they refused to change their minds and soften their hearts to receive Jesus. Do we also have hardened hearts? Do we also not let Jesus go into some part of our hearts? Change our minds and soften our hearts!

The first son, on the other hand, referred to the prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus pointed out that they softened their hearts and believed in Jesus. They repented and left all that they had to follow Jesus. They showed their obedience through their thoughts and action. Do we also reflect our obedience to Jesus through our actions?

Do we have the readiness to do the will of God? Are we ready to allow Jesus into every part of our lives and accept what he tells us to change? Are we ready to listen and be willing to obey Him?

Change our minds and soften our hearts today!