Luke 13:22-4,25-27, 14:15:-24,25-33

Throughout the ministry of Jesus, He asked pointed questions to those around Him.
Through the use of questions, Jesus challenged people of their faith and led them to faith.

Strive to enter through the narrow door

When faced with the question of whether those who are saved be few, Jesus gave a surprising answer.
Jesus tells us to strive to enter through the narrow door.
To enter through the narrow door means that it will not be easy.
It will be hard, and it will take effort.

Outside of the door

Jesus continues to tell us that if we are not inside the house before the master closes the door, we will be left outside.
It does not matter what kind of association we have with Him.
As long as we are not in the house before it closes, we will be left outside hammering on the door.

Excuses at the great banquet

Even though some people had the invitation to the banquet, they made excuses.
From business ventures to family members, each of those who made the excuses did not join the banquet as they chose other things.
Each of the reasons given represents the mundane things that we choose over Jesus.

Cost of following

Jesus tells us that it takes effort to follow Him.
To follow Him, it means that we have to focus on Him.
Not even familial ties should precede Him.