Ephesians 5:22-30

What is a Christian Atheist?

  • It is someone who believes in God but does not believe in the church.

Why do some people choose not to go to Church even though they believe in God?

  • Hurt by others in the church
  • Leading to disappointment and cynicism with the church
  • Don’t want to be a part of these “unworthy” people

Why do we have to go to church if it has so many of these “unworthy” people then?

  • The church is the Body of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is the head of it.
  • Jesus loves the church so much that He gave Himself up for it.
  • So that the church can become holy and without blemish.

What is the church?

  • The church is not a building.
  • The church is the community of Christians, the church is us.
  • We were once sinners but became “worthy” only because of Jesus’s sacrifice.

What does all this mean?

  • If we believe in Jesus, we should love the church.
  • No one is “worthier” than others in the church.
  • Don’t look at others with contempt.

What should we do then?

  • Reconcile!