1 Timothy 6:6-19

Godliness with contentment is great gain

We live in this materialistic culture that believes money is the pathway to satisfy our desires and it is worth striving for with everything we can gather. However, the results of greed and desire to be rich is in fact a downward spiral:

Discontent → desire to be rich → into temptation → into a snare → into many senseless and harmful desires → into ruin and destruction → wandered away from Faith

The antidote is to re-center our attention back to the Creator Himself. In the presence of the blessed and only Sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords, it will be extremely difficult to still be discontent with our own desire.

However, when we set our hopes on God instead of the uncertainty of riches, God will richly provide us with everything to enjoy. Not only are we able to do good and be rich in good works, we are also able to be generous. At the same time, we will also store up treasures for ourselves as a good foundation for the future and that’s great gain.