Acts 4:24-31

When we are faced with moments of trials, more often than not, our prayers are pleases, requests, asking from God, and waiting for Him to say yes.
But that is not what we want.
The early church faced such trials too, but that was not the way they prayed.
They P.R.A.Y.

P for Praising God

The early church praised God when they prayed.
They praised God because He is sovereign and that He reigns over all.
When we fail to praise God, we fail to remind ourselves of who we are praying to.

R for Recognizing God's Sovereignty

The early church recognized that what trials they are facing is in God's hands.
They acknowledged that God will not give them what they cannot bear.

A for Advancing the Gospel

They prayed to be bold to advance the gospel.
They wanted to be firm in their witness of the gospel.

Y for Yearning to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

They yearned for the filling of the Holy Spirit.
They want to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

How does that apply to breakthrough?

When we praise God's unchanging character, we are having a breakthrough in our worship life.
When we recognize God's sovereignty, we are having a breakthrough in our faith.
When we advance the gospel, we are having a breakthrough in our attitude and action.
When we yearn for the filling of the Holy Spirit, we are having a breakthrough in our sensitivity to God's guidance.

Let us pray boldly, and turn a moment of trial into an opportunity for breakthrough.