Luke 8:4-15

In the parable of the sower, Jesus explained that the seed is the word of God and the four types of soil represent different responses to God’s Word.

Where do you fit in this parable?

When the seed is scattered onto the path, the word of God is heard but quickly stolen away by enemies.

When the seed is thrown onto the rocks, no root is able to take hold to the soil. There may be signs of grow but it is only on the surface level.

When the seed is tossed among the thorns, it is well received and grown, but soon is choked up by the riches and pleasures of life.

When the seed is sown in good soil, it grows, takes root, bears fruit and produces a harvest.


Is your heart receptive to His teachings?

The world-creating; life-giving, and soul-saving Word of God can make massive impact on our lives and on eternity, however the only limitation in the equation is the condition of our heart.

The seed does not choke out the thorns. It’s the thorns that choked out the seed. The problem is not the seed or the Word of God, but the soil in our heart.

God wants to bring forth harvests in our lives, but we have to cultivate the soil of our hearts and be ready.


What can we do to cultivate the soil of our heats?

1. Receive the Seed

If there’s no seed, there’s no life. We need to have the seeds in us.

Join the KEC devotion campaign together. We will read through and meditate on the New Testament in two years.


2. Remove the thorns

Is there anything we need to remove from our lives for God?

For instance, our time and our energy on social media, status update, countless gaming, video and live streaming. Will these things help us bearing more fruits or generating more thorns in our heart?

Ask God to break up the hard, rocky and thorny surface of your heart, and turn over everything that has made your heart hardened to Him.


3. Seize the Word

We must have FULL conviction in believing His Word – that’s the conviction and faith that gave us the perseverance.  Even the sky is falling, let's continue to seize His Word and hold on no matter what, and stick with it until there’s a harvest.



What would this city look like if everyone yields a hundredfold for the Kingdom?