Ephesians 5:22-33

Why do Christian couples encounter challenges in their marriage? The root of the problem is not at God. It might be a result of our understanding about marriage.

Many believers still pursue their dreams in marriage with worldly standards. They think that being happy is the only goal in marriage. However, the marriage ordained by God is not just built on being happy.

The key question for building a healthy and sustainable marriage is not about “how can we become happier in our marriage”. We should be asking: “are we building our marriage according to the will of God” ?

Showing Christlike Love in Marriage

Marriage is indeed a Christian witness for the world. Through godly marriages, God demonstrates a loving relationship with human beings.

This witness does not only restore God’s original intent for marriage. It also allows us to experience the truthfulness and attractiveness of Jesus’ love.

Do others experience the love of God through my marriage?
Am I modelling Christian marriage to my children?

Preparing My Better Half for Eternity

The concern in marriage should not be limited to our earthly relationship and living. As we know that one day my spouse and I will meet the Lord face to face. Are we building up each other in our marriage, in order to prepare our better half for eternity?

Do I pay attention to the spiritual well-being of my spouse?
Do I encourage my spouse to build up his/her relationship with God?
Am I supporting my spouse in serving the Lord?
Am I allowing Jesus to be the centre of my marriage?