John 9:1-39

Date: November 11, 2018
Scripture: John 9:1-39

When one’s eyes are blind, what he cannot see is the world. But when one’s heart is blind, what he cannot see is God.

Perhaps there are so many people in this world, whose eyes can see, but their hearts are blind. Even though they see what happened in their lives because of Jesus, they would still deny what they experienced.

In John 9, there were two parties: the man who was born blind and the Pharisees.

For the blind man’s eyes were opened, not only did he see again with his eyes,  his heart was also opened. He could see Jesus as His saviour.

But for the Pharisees, even though they were able to see what Jesus had done to the blind man, their hearts chose to deny what they saw.

Even though they saw the same thing and they encountered the same Jesus, why was there such a huge difference in their responses?

The key is about how they perceived their experience with Jesus.

Threat vs Opportunity

The Pharisees saw their experience as a kind of threat to them.

They saw Jesus as a threat to their comfort zone, challenging their status quote. Instead of reflecting from what they saw, they chose to deny and refuse.

Unlike the Pharisees, the blind man saw his encounter with Jesus as an opportunity.

It was an opportunity for him to invite Jesus into his life, and to help him change.

He treated his experience in Jesus as an opportunity for his life to be transformed by God.

Do you see your encounter with Jesus as a threat or an opportunity?

Do you see Jesus entering into your life as a threat or an opportunity?

Do you see your life being challenged as a treat or an opportunity?

If you see it as an opportunity of transformation, are you willing to let your heart open and receive Jesus as your personal savior?