Luke 6:46-49; Matthew 7:25-26, 21:28-32; Isaiah 6:9

Autopilot Mode

– Traffic lights are dangerous because they invoke autopilot mode
– This is something we often engage, be it accidentally or purposely, and it is not good to have when we come to church
– We must learn to mitigate how often we go into autopilot mode
– We miss out when we go into Autopilot Mode, we don’t pay attention

Luke 6:46-49

– There is a stark reality that Luke brings out between building on foundation vs. no foundation at all
– For Luke, there is no middle ground and it is argued that once you hear Jesus’ words, we must act and build on a foundation

Matthew 7:24-29

– Main difference is the illustration between sand and rock
– Insights are like sand, they are ideas that can fall through
– Wise Living is like the rock, they are ideas that are unified and solid in which one may build their foundation on

Autopilot makes those insights taught and revealed remain as insights, rather than wise living (living whereby our faith defines us, all of us).

Isaiah 6:9

– We must always be aware to understand and perceive what is in front of us

To turn off Autopilot Mode, pay attention:

– To the Time
– To the People when we walk in
– To the Songs sung
– To the Words spoken at the pulpit
– To every Conversation
– To People, Your Church