John 1:19-34; 3:22-30


-Sidekicks are like signpost on the road.
-A good signpost gives clear and accurate direction, description, and information of what is ahead.
-Just as there are good signposts, there are bad ones out there that confuse you, give you the wrong direction and information.
-We can all be a signpost. We can all point to something in our life.
-Good road signs point toward the destination.
-Bad road signs point toward themselves (prideful)
-The question is: what kind of signpost do you want to be?

What can we learn from John the Baptist

-In the New Testament, John the Baptist gave us a perfect example of what a good signpost should look like.
-John saw himself as nothing more than a voice. (John 1: 23)
-John saw himself as nothing more than a signpost and a sidekick of Jesus.
-John repeatedly introduced Jesus to the world. He repeatedly humbled himself and at the same time exalted Jesus as the Messiah.
-John takes every single opportunity to lead people to Jesus. (John 1: 26,27,29-34; )
-The key to a good sidekick is: “Be content. Be humble”
-John’s role as the Friend of the Bridegroom was simply to get the Jewish people ready as the bride for Jesus who is the bridegroom. (John 3:27-29)
-John made a pivotal statement that “Jesus must become more and I must become less”. (John 3:30)

To Do

-There are many “John the Baptist” among us.
-Every Sunday morning, servant volunteers serve faithfully to point people to Jesus.
-Every Friday evening, people in small group use their testimonies and life stories to point people to Jesus.
-If pride takes away your superpower as a sidekick of Jesus, then your testimonies is your superpower as a sidekick of Jesus.
-You can unlock and release the power of Jesus in your life to others by telling your life transformation stories.
-Are you willing to be that signpost in your life to bring more people to Jesus, and release the power of heaven to this world or would you rather play safe and do nothing?
-Be a signpost, lead people to the one who can make a difference. We are not the superhero in this story. But we can be the sidekick to our hero, Jesus who had the superpower to save this world.
-All you need is a humble heart.
-Our temptation is to continue doing what we have been doing all along, go to the Sideline instead of being the Sidekick.

How are you going to choose?