1 Samuel 25


From a giant killer, the king’s most favorite person, the future King of Israel, and now to become the most wanted criminal in the country, David was in his one of the lowest points in his life. And to make the matter worse, Samuel, the king maker, the prophet, who anointed David just died and made the promise of God even more remote.

The Story – 1 Samuel 25

David and his men had done some good works in the wilderness and found ways to protect others from danger. So David sent his young men to Nabal and asked for his favour and donations during the sheep shearing time. Nabal did not only refuse the request, but also insulted David and his family publicly, and questioned David’s integrity. David was furious and immediately ordered 400 armed soldiers to prepare for battle.

What could possibly be the outcome of this mess?
Preventing the murder of hundreds of innocent people by David and his people appeared to be impossible.


When nobody was able or unwilling to do something, Abigail stepped up, flew into action, and did the right thing and brought peace to the situation.

God’s promises to David will one day come true:

  1. David had been appointed to fight God’s battles, not his own against foolish people like Nabal. (1 Samuel 25:28-29)
  2. If men rise up to pursue David and to seek his life, the lives of David’s enemies shall be no more. (1 Samuel 25:28-29)
  3. David will be the king of Israel. (1 Samuel 25:30-31)

It was Abigail’s reminder of David’s true identity and calling, that eased off his anger and made him coming back to his senses.

Abigail became a channel of blessings to many others.


  • When you see a problem arises, a crisis looms, tension escalates and negativity starts to grow out of proportion, are you willing to step up and bring His word of promise and blessings to people in need?
  • Don’t waste your life. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. You can be that person.  Let your life count. Step up and be a channel of God’s blessings and promises.