1 Timothy 1:13-26

When we look back on life, we often notice that there are dark and regretful moments.

These moments would bring us guilt, sadness, and self-blaming.

Is there more in life than simply living in the shadow of our dark side?

Having been an active persecutor of the early church, the apostle Paul openly admitted that he was the worst sinner of all time.

Although Paul has also felt guilty, sad and self-blaming about his past, he did not get stuck in the shadow of his dark side.

Because of his first-hand experience about God’s mercy, he was motivated to be His witness.

From his own restoration and life reversal, he testified the validity that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

Let’s not dwelling on past mistakes.

Let your past being redeemed and reversed, and become an opportunity to witness and glorify God.

Reflection Questions:

How was your life like before Jesus became your saviour and Lord?
How did Jesus bring changes and reversals in your life?
Have you been using your own stories of reversal, to witness for the Lord?