Genesis 37:18-27, 42:21-38, 45:4-7, Luke 19:10

Different things in life can lock us in a position where we do not intend to be. It gives us a feeling that we reach a point of no return.

One mistake, lifelong regret

Maybe it was just an impulse or an idea, we did something that we regret. We tried hard to write it off.  But guilt and self-blame still follow us.  It becomes a dark corner in our life where we refer to, whenever we run into difficulties.  We cannot forgive ourselves. We believe that we only deserve the punishment.

Human brokenness trapped Joseph’s family in darkness

Out of jealousy, Joseph’s brothers wanted to get rid of Joseph. However, it became a dark corner for the family, locking them up in a broken relationship.

God does not forget.

When Joseph himself wanted the past to be written off, including his brothers and his father, God led them to reunite in the midst of a great famine.  God carried on with His deliverance,  despite of human brokenness.
Through Joseph’s forgiveness to his brothers, God delivered the family out of their own darkness.

Through the story, God showed us that His power and goodness is above human brokenness.

No human darkness can write off God’s goodness and plan

Despite of our own brokenness and dark intentions, nothing can overturn God’s good intention to people. Nor our own darkness is able to stop God’s deliverance plan.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.(Luke 19:10)

Reflective Questions:

1.Do you have anything you regret in life?
2.How does that regret prevent you from living your life fully?
3.Do you want to receive God’s forgiveness and deliverance? Are you ready to repent and come back to God?