Mark 9:14-29; Luke 17:5-6


– Each time we feel disappointed, it draws something from our spiritual reserves. It plants a seed of doubt in our mind. The seed grows into anger, bitterness, shame, guilt, and all kinds of negativity. Eventually it bears the fruit of unbelief.

– “Disappointment has had far more lasting effects on people than bad teaching… Unless resolved, disappointment is a cancer that grows until it takes the life of its host.” (Bill Johnson)

– How can we prevent disappointment from spreading like cancer?

– How can we not fall into unbelief?

– How can we keep our faith in faithless generation?

– We can draw three lessons from today gospel story (Mark 9:14-29).

(1) Bring the hopeless person into the presence of Jesus

– The question we need to ask ourselves is: How can I bring the hopeless person into the presence of Jesus?

Three practical suggestions:

(a) Encourage them to read the gospel (know Jesus)

(b) Teach them to pray (connect with Jesus)

(c) Introduce them to Spirit-filled worship (proclaim Jesus)

(2) Know that Jesus’ heart is to evoke faith in a faithless generation

– Faith is not a precondition for healing & deliverance.

– Jesus’ power & goodness are not limited by our unbelief.

– His heart, mission, and pleasure is to evoke faith in a faithless generation.

Questions we may ask the Lord:

(a) Lord, what faith are you evoking in me right now?

(b) What promise are you trying to remind me?

(c) What character of God must I hold on to?

(d) How can I evoke faith in the person I am helping?

(3) Come home to the Father when you feel restless

Some self check questions:

(a) Have I trusted myself too much & God too little?

(b) Have I wandered too far off from my fellowship with the Father and the Son?

(c) Have I taken off the yoke that I am supposed to share with Jesus?


(1) Bring the hopeless into the Presence

(2) Evoke faith among the faithless

(3) Come home when you feel restless