Samuel 13:5-14; Psalm 37:7-11

What is Restlessness?

When we feel worried, anxious, and bored, our first reaction is always to take whatever action we can think of in order to keep the situation under our control. This reaction is so natural, especially when we are dealing with troubles or difficulties.

The Causes of Restlessness

Losing control

We want everything under our control, so that we will feel safe. We are used to hoping that all problems will be solved in our own way and in a planned timeframe. That’s how we would think. And that’s how we would evaluate. And then we would plan and put that plan into action.

What makes you restless?

The Problem of Restlessness

It makes people think that they can solve all problems by themselves with their own effort.

However, if this is so, how can we experience God? How can we experience His power if we do not even need His help?

Many times, it was not God who did not want us to come close to Him. It was us who did not allow God to come and do His work among us.

When you are in trouble, what would you do?
Would you try to solve the problem by yourself, or ask for help? Why?

Experiencing God

People usually do not pay much attention to their experience with God when everything is under control. We experience God when we are losing control, and we choose to wait for His salvation.

Only when we let go of our desire to control, and when we wait patiently for the Lord,  can we experience His presence and might.

Are you ready to let go of your desire to control, and wait for God to come to do His work in your life?