Starting last Sunday, we started a new series about how God told Noah to build a boat! This Sunday, we will continue to learn what happened after Noah entered the Ark. What happened when it rained? The Bible tells us about Noah and how he is a righteous man. He always trusts, listens and obeys God! We can learn to trust and obey God too because He is good!

Let’s begin our worship:
1. Watch: Toddler Sunday Worship Video
2. Colour: Raindrops and the Ark Colouring Page
3. Prepare: Noah’s Ark 4 week craft - More Animals! (Cut & Colour)
4. Prayer: say this prayer with your child
Let's say thank you to God. When we talk to God, we fold our hands and close our eyes.
“Dear God, thank you for your word in the Bible, as we read Noah’s story, we know you always have a saving plan. Thank you for your love. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.”

We love to see your family worship picture! TAKE A PICTURE and send it back to us at [email protected] we may share the picture online to encourage one another during this challenging time.