In June, we will begin a new series learning about a Bible character named David! Through David, we will learn how God helps us to be caring, brave, a good friend and kind. This Sunday, we will learn how God wants us to be kind! The children will learn about how David was kind to Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9.

Let’s begin our worship:
1. Watch: Preschool and PreK&K Sunday Worship Video
2. Colour: David and MephiboshethColoring Page
3. Make: Kindness Flower (Be creative with your materials!)
4. Make: Fridge Magnets! (Template Attached)
5. Pray: Say this prayer with your child
“Dear God, thank you for being so kind to us. We want to be kind too! Please help us to be a kind and caring person to others as well! In Jesus' name I pray, Amen. ”

We love to see your family worship picture! TAKE A PICTURE and send it back to us at [email protected] we may share the picture online to encourage one another during this challenging time.