We have started a new series called <In The Beginning>. This series brings us back to the very start of where it all started. This week, we learn about when God created the very first person, Adam. And let us see what happened and how did God make humans as well as what He expects of us in Genesis 2.

Let’s begin our worship:
1. Watch: Elementary Worship Video
2. Draw: Draw a self portrait of yourself!
3. Reflect: Look at yourself in the mirror and thank God! 
4. Do: do a finger print set as a family!
5. Pray: Say this prayer to God
“Lord thank you for creating different habitats for different animals.Thank you for creating them and for creating us. I pray that you help us to take care of your creation. In Jesus’ name Amen.”

We love to see your family worship picture! TAKE A PICTURE and send it back to us at [email protected], we may share the picture online to encourage one another during this challenging time.