We have been learning about the different stories of the disciples after Jesus had gone back to Heaven in the series, <True Story>. This week is the third message of this series, we will be learning more about Peter's true story after Jesus went to Heaven. Peter was someone who preached the good news everywhere he went. He spread the gospel to many people and that was something that the Jewish elders did not like. They felt threatened by Peter, so King Herod decided to try and please those elders and captured Peter. He put Peter in jail and was going to execute him the next day, but through the night something special happened. Let us find out what happened together in Acts 12.

Let’s begin our worship:
1. Watch: Elementary Worship Video
2. Do: Maze Activity
3. Pray: Say this prayer to God
“Jesus I want to thank you for how you always watch over us. I want to thank you that no matter how bad the situation, you are always there for us. I pray for those who are in bad situations that they will have you with them. In Jesus name Amen”

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