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Have you ever felt lost or stuck in your relationship with God? How do you know you are growing spiritually? Sometimes people drive in circles on a road trip pretending to know where they are going. When it comes to our faith, we might do the same thing. The path to spiritual growth isn't always clear, having a roadmap will help our students to understand how to get from where they are in their faith to where they want to be. During the course of this series, we will explore what comes after we believe in Jesus.

Week 1: Faith means to FOLLOW
Week 2: KNOWING the truth is the key to being free
Week 3: You need to ABIDE by the vine to grow spiritually
Week 4: GO is the overflow of knowledge and the growth

The way of Jesus isn't the only option for you to take on the roadmap of life. That can make it easy to be distracted and off track. But the truth is, the way of Jesus is the only option that will help you be better in every other area of life. It’s the only one that can help you get where you want to go as a friend, as a student, as an influencer, as an athlete, and as a human being. It’s the only one that lasts forever. Everything else is fading away. But it requires more of you than just intellectual belief. It requires that you actually follow.

If you are a Grade 6 or 7 student, we welcome you to join our worship program from 9:15-10:15 AM on Saturdays at Fraserview MB Church. Please register through this LINK and our staff will get in touch with you within a week.