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Good friendships are very important to a teen's life. Friends influence who we become, our interests and our thinking. So friendships are some of the most important relationships we can have, and yet many of us sort of stumble into friendships incidentally. And while our friends may come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and personality types, there are some objective characteristics of a good friend which we will learn about over the next six weeks. We will discover what is the best kind of friend to have, and how we can be the best kind of friend to others.

Week 1: Real friends mean what they say. 
Week 2: Real friends show love instead of preference.
Week 3: Real friends pray for one another. 
Week 4: Real friends admit their faults.
Week 5: Real friends do what you need.
Week 6: Real friends know they are poor in spirit. 

In these 6 weeks, we will look at Jesus’s description of good friendships which can be found in His Sermon on the Mount, to figure out what real friends look like, what fake friends look like, and how we can make sure we’re choosing real friends every time.

 If you are a Grade 6 or 7 student, we welcome you to join our worship program, 9:15-10:25 am on Saturdays, at Fraserview MB Church, please register through this LINK