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There's nothing more exciting than encountering a good plot twist in a story or a movie. However, not everyone will appreciate it or desire plot twists in our own lives. Why? Because plot twists (a change in the expected direction or outcome of a story) may result in misery, disappointment, and hardship. But, as we take a look at the greatest plot twist in history, the resurrection of Jesus's story, it leads us to re-examine the stories of our own lives differently.

In the Plot Twist + Examine series, we are going to look closely at the Easter story: the real-life account of Jesus’ death and resurrection as recorded by His closest friends and followers who were eyewitnesses to everything He said and did. We are going to see how Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from death, is the biggest plot twist in the history of the world. And how the resurrection actually creates a plot twist in each of our own stories of our lives as well.

When we see through the lens of the gospel, we’ll have a newfound appreciation for what God might be doing in our lives, especially when our stories are interrupted by a divine plot twist.

Through this Easter series, the youth will have a chance to take a deeper look into the evidence that points to the truths about God and we hope that the youths will then grow closer into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

If you are a Grade 6 or 7 student, we welcome you to join our worship program from 9:15-10:15 AM on Saturdays at Fraserview MB Church. Please register through this LINK and our staff will get in touch with you within a week.