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Are you putting God in a box? Do you live a compartmentalized life where you only let God out of the box on Sunday morning or when you are in a crisis? If you feel your relationship with God lacks depth and growth, the Boxcutter message series will help you to understand how the gospel gives you the confidence to live in the presence of God every day.

In the Old Testament, the presence of God was confined in the temple behind a curtain, but because Jesus died for our sins, the curtain of the temple was torn to symbolize that we are no longer separated from God's presence. We are reminded and encouraged to nurture an intimate relationship with God and let God be present in every aspect of our lives. In this 5 weeks teaching series, your youth will:
  • Understand why they no longer need to keep God in a box
  • Let go of the box that they are holding God in 
  • Not compartmentalize their heart and let God fully into their heart 
  • Go deeper in their relationship with Him beyond just making good or bad moral choices
  • Learn to walk with God every day.

When we see our personal relationship with God through the lens of the gospel, we won’t compartmentalize our heart before God, our faith will be more than just making good or bad moral choices, and we’ll walk with God every day as He is our best friend. If you are in Grade 6-9 and are looking for a church, we invite you to join our Youth Online Worship every Sunday at 10am-11am. You can register using this link.