Project Update



Koinonia Ministry Centre

Where Lives will be Changed

People will walk in come to learn about the good news of Jesus Christ, to be prayed for, to learn what it means to be a disciple, and to experience a fellowship of love. They will leave with a life blessed and transformed. They will be salt and light of the city. We are calling this place the Koinonia Ministry Centre (KMC) – our ministry centre for the next 10 years.


 Venue criteria

Right Here in Richmond

We are looking for a rental space of 6000 - 8,000 square feet. The location should be accessible by public transit within the city of Richmond. KMC will function as church office, small group meeting place, media studio, teaching and conference facility.


Project timeline

As Soon As Summer 2019

Venue search – Ongoing
Pledging begins – September 2018
Pledging ends – December 2018
Fund collection begins – January 2019
Lease secured – February 2019
Permit application – March 2019
Renovation – June 2019
Move in – August 2019



Fundraising Goal


Based on the venue size, the market rental rates, and the estimated rate of church revenue growth, we will need to raise $800,000.


Online Pledge Updates (1/4/2019)

Accumulated # of pledge: 133

Accumulated pledge amount: $718,550.00


Action (1)  

Pray for Your Contribution

Please pray for your spending priority. Is there a vacation plan that you can put on hold? Is there an expensive item that you can delay purchasing? Is there a lifestyle change that you can easily make? If 300 brothers and sisters will make a one-time $2,700 donation, we can secure a ministry centre for the next 10 years.

 Action (2) 

Online Offering

You can follow the link below to make a donation. Please indicate "Venue" in special instructions to the seller area. 

 Online Donation